You should draw Archie shirtless more often. Hell it should be a crime for him to wear a shirt.

I swear i cry evrytiem I draw him with a shirt… but there’s nothing I can do to prevent him from wearing one. unless….

hovering ghetsis

hovering ghetsis

some older doodleordie stuff of mine appropriate to the blog’s theme ~

Archie and Matt. Testosterone fueled bros for life.

man I’m grateful for the mighty baraquas in their skimpy clothing..

..although I’m a Magma at heart

I can’t handle the things Matt says at ALL for REAL

I can’t handle the things Matt says at ALL for REAL

anime cyrus smile being used without emotion and to attain something specific

I’d like to try those screenshot redraw things but there are a lot of scenes to choose from… could you throw some screencaps into my submit box to help? ´w` non villainous characters in the same cap are ok

suggestion: Archie giving Cyrus a piggyback ride


"Let’s work together and create a new world entirely of sea!!!"

I never agreed to that.

i'm supposed to be watching the late-night monster movie but here i am looking at half naked team bosses and it's totally your fault

(dodges guilt like bullets)

can you draw archie and maxie having an arm wrestling match..

they have been at it for a while now! so even!!

If you're still taking doodle suggestions... how about a post-workout Giovanni clutching a towel? 8D

good :J

just arting



anon asked for bosses as cute kids.. and wow look at these little angels

but look at baby Lysandre. He’s as big as the litleo. 

I’m impressed it could be identified. here it is in full glory

first I planned to draw Lilsandre with Magikarp but it didn’t create the right mood

Would you ever consider taking commissions?

ahHHH y-yes I’ve been thinking about making a commission info for a while, but I have no idea if there’d be any commissioners.. so for now, there’s no price list or rules available, but anyone interested can mail me at kirvakalmari[a] for discussion (since tumblr might eat messages)

I’ll still be doodling requests at least until my vacation ends in september and my free time drops drastically!

I made a Team Galactic family for the Sims and I didn’t have to play long for things worth drawing happened: Cyrus posing in front of a mirror half naked, Saturn burning hot dogs in less than two seconds and Mars’ Purugly being a huge dick

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