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anon asked for bosses as cute kids.. and wow look at these little angels

but look at baby Lysandre. He’s as big as the litleo. 

I’m impressed it could be identified. here it is in full glory

first I planned to draw Lilsandre with Magikarp but it didn’t create the right mood

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Would you ever consider taking commissions?

ahHHH y-yes I’ve been thinking about making a commission info for a while, but I have no idea if there’d be any commissioners.. so for now, there’s no price list or rules available, but anyone interested can mail me at kirvakalmari[a]hotmail.com for discussion (since tumblr might eat messages)

I’ll still be doodling requests at least until my vacation ends in september and my free time drops drastically!

I made a Team Galactic family for the Sims and I didn’t have to play long for things worth drawing happened: Cyrus posing in front of a mirror half naked, Saturn burning hot dogs in less than two seconds and Mars’ Purugly being a huge dick

What are your thoughts on villain x heroine ships. namely kingsrockshipping (Lysandre x Serena) and Blueorbshipping (Archie x May)?

I am all for the fluff because how could they not be cute. anything beyond that is really not my cup of tea, although I’m pretty indifferent about them. I can draw villain/heroine ship if I get an interesting prompt! ´w`/

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Are you currently taking a request? IF If so, can I ask Maxie/Archie nsfw?

leaving me with so many liberties with the subject will lead to DISASTER

(full picture)

what are your favorite things about the villains?

I like them all for the same reasons, number one being their malice. I’ve always been attracted to characters who do injustice. additionally, they are ossans and very charismatic as team leaders

so basically I just have the hots for their villainy and old man appeal I don’t know how to puT IT BETTER……

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anon asked for bosses as cute kids.. and wow look at these little angels

I just meant to draw some Lysandre but Sycamore keeps invading my drawings, that fiend

Requesting young adult Archie and Maxie playing with child Cyrus if you don't mind :D (have I sent you another suggestion? sorry, I'm really forgetful; if I have you can disregard the old one)


cannot agree on what to play though :’) (larger image)

politely requesting Archie braiding Ghetsis' hair :c loving everything you've posted, btw


looking pretty wow … ♥

Can i request some absolutecontrolshipping please?


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Are you willing to do nsfw requests?

I can try ┏(*^o^)┛ I haven’t done much proper nsfw art so the results might not be the best but maybe I’ll learn by trying

everybody loves the good old game land sea air

original base on pixiv and the translated one